Nonwoven applications

Our FM-roll and their wealth of applications



Woehler-Nonwoven FM®

Our nonwoven rolls are produced with our own registered FM® nonwoven material from Wöhler. The rolls stand out for their excellent wringing properties and friction coefficients, even on wet and oily surfaces, for:


  • Minimal residual moisture levels on wringing

  • Solving slippage problems

  • Protecting surfaces


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Cold Rollling Mill

  • squeezing of oil/emulsion
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Slitter and Cut-To-Length-Line

  • bridling, driving
  • steering, tensioning
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Strip processing line ( infeed)

  • squeezing, driving,
  • bridling, steering
  • pressing
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  • feeding, steering
  • deflecting
  • driving
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Strip processing line

  • bridling, steering,
  • tensioning, oiling
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Transport and feeding

  • drinving
  • tensioning
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