Non woven rolls

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The optimal material for every application

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FM®-Rolls have a particularly wide range of applications

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Our engineers are pleased to advise and support you in the optimal design of the rolls

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Discover the unbeatable advantages over conventional rubber-, PU-, or steel rolls.

  • Best wringing and squeezing results
    through <sponge effect>
  • Individual residual moisture levels
  • Excellent grip on dry, wet and oily
    strip surfaces
  • Consistently high friction coefficient
    over the complete service life
  • No aquaplaning or airplaning
  • Elastic and gentle covering surface
  • Internal oiling or rinsing possible
  • Extremely durable porous fibre structure
  • Individual replacement of damaged sections
Zertifikat TÜV NORD

Nonwoven qualities

Our FM nonwoven material was specially developed by us to offer industrial users outstanding properties in critical applications. All our experience made over the years in the demands set on nonwoven rolls has been effectively fed back into our continuous development process.

Apart from the standard qualities listed below there are also special qualities available for specialised applications. 


Working temperature100 °C 100 °C180 °C
Chemical restistance (pH)4 - 120 - 100 - 14
Outer diametermax. 1524 mm
Covering lengthmax. ~ 5500 mm
Covering thickness~12 - 150 mm
Hardness55 A - 65 D (Shore DIN 53505)
Core geometrymetric, inch sizes, custom specific


FM® rolls stand out for their excellent wringing and squeezing performance and high friction coefficient even on oily and wet surfaces, making them suitable for the following application ranges:

Cold rolling mills

  • wringer rolls
  • Feeding rolls
  • S-rolls
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Slitter and cutting lines

  • Bridle rolls
  • Feeding rolls, drivers
  • Steering rolls
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Strip processing lines (infeed)

  • Wringer rolls, oiler rolls
  • Bridle rolls, deflection rolls
  • Feeding / steering rolls
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Strip processing lines

  • Pressure rolls
  • S-rolls
  • Oiler /wringer rolls
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Coil to coil line

  • Feeding / steering rolls
  • S-rolls
  • Drive / Bridle rolls
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Transport and feeding

  • Traction rolls
  • Feeding rolls
  • Tube driver
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FM®-rolls are optimally calculated and designed to the respective customer specific operating conditions using the latest computer programs and the finite element method (FEM).

Strength verification in accordance with DIN 743 Standard,

taking account of:

  • All known forces and loads
  • The core geometry with all form and surface influences
  • The material

Calculation of the required crowning of the coating

compensating roll deflection in operation and ensuring a consistent line pressure,



  • Radial forces and line load
  • Net weight of the roll
  • Bearing stiffness
  • Additional impact forces




rubber roll comparison

A rubber roll absorbs no fluids.

sponge-effect of a nonwoven roll

The <sponge effect> of a nonwoven roll

nonwoven has excellent grip on dry, wet and oily surfaces

Excellent grip on dry, wet and oily strip surfaces.

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We manufacture customised roll cores on which the nonwoven coating is pressed.

       Safety factor against fatigue failure

Calculation of roll deflection for establishing the required crowning