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roll Brushes

roll brushes

Spirally wound roll brushes are the most economic type of cylindrical brush in particular in larger sizes.

  • Directly wound on the core or readymade, inside welded packages
  • Steel channel band, galvanised or stainless possible
  • Single or double band profile
  • In-house development, design and production
  • Full brush service: Recovering, core and bearing servicing,
  • dynamic balancing
roll brush Woehler TB


Strip brushes with various fill materials are automatically produced and wound into roll brushes.

A wide range of fill materials is available. Talk to us about your application and we will support you in choosing the right brush.

Walzenbürste Wöhler TB


Strip brushes with various fill materials are automatically produced and wound into roll brushes

A large range of fill materials is available. Let’s talk about finding the optimal brush type for your application!

Synthetic filaments

  • - with special additives
  • - with abrasive grit
  • - as multifilaments


  • - steel tempered, brass coated or stainless
  • - bronze, brass

Natural fibres

  • - horse hair
  • - tampico
  • - goat hair
Multi-filamente Woehler-TB

Multifilaments unite the positive properties of different filaments in a single fill.

mixed filaments Woehler TB

A mixture of different fill materials for an optimized cleaning effect.

trimming of roll brush Woehler TB

Our roll brushes are precisely trimmed to the required outer diameter, ensuring perfect running.


Spirally wound cylinder brushes can be economically produced for a large range of sizes.

These brushes make high density surfaces and high peripheral speeds possible. The synthetic filaments of polypropylene, polyamide or polyester are often subject to chemical, thermal and mechanical stress. The success of wire fill depends on the right choice of diameter, crimp, tensile strength and hardness for the application. Our high quality materials and expertise allow us to supply the right brush for a multitude of applications. Typical applications of roll brushes include:

  • cleaning and washing
  • structuring and roughening
  • grinding and polishing
  • dedusting
  • deburring
Glassreinungsbürste Wöhler

brush for glass processing

Brushes made of polypropylene, polyamide or polyester fibres are often exposed to chemical, thermal and mechanical stress. The parameters wire diameter, corrugation, tensile strength and hardness of the wires determine the success in the application. With our high quality materials and our experience we can offer the right brushes for many applications.

Roll brushes Wöhler TB

Cleaning brushes for steel and stainless steel industry

shaft production Woehler TB

We are also happy to manufacture the corresponding brush bodies.

brush package inner welding Woehler-TB

Welded inside as a package the covering can be easily split into convenient sections. This allows simple recovering by yourselves.

In the case of roller brushes, which are wound with single band stripes, we achieve an extremely even and streak-free brush surface through a special winding process. Together with dynamic balancing this results in brushes that deliver an absolutely even result.


cleaning brush for glass processing industry

glass cleaning Woehler-TB

brush length up to 5m possible

blank sheet washer brush Woehler

brush for blank sheet washer in automotive industry