Wheel brushes

Cylindrical brushes in perfectly high quality


The optimal brush configuration options covers an extensive range of applications

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The wealth of configuration options covers an extensive range of applications

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Brushes assembled of automatically produced single rings ensure a consistently high quality:

  • Wide range of standard fill materials available
  • Use of high tensile special wires for highest demands
  • Outstanding brush service life
  • Short lead times possible
  • Inner diameter adaptable to a multitude of drive shafts
  • Optimal for deburring processes
  • Widespread use in the WPC sector (surface finishing)


From the high density deburring brush to the openly filled structuring brush – wheel brushes of mechanically produced single rings ensure a consistently high quality in every area of application.


The independent choice of fill type, material diameter and brush density allows the optimal brush configuration for every application.


Following bristles are available as standard:

  • Standard or high tensile steel wire
  • ­Brass coated high tensile wire
  • ­Brass coated stranded wire
  • Stainless steel wire

  • abrasive polyamide filaments


The individually definable number of single rings determines the brush density, allowing further influence to be made on the desired processing result along with the choice of wire fill.


Let’s talk about finding the optimal brush type for your application!


Wheel brushes stand out for their particularly even fill distribution.

This allows uniform and consistent processing results to be made, for example in surface finishing applications.


Wöhler wheel brushes are well proven as quality tools for the following applications:

  • Structuring
    - WPC surface finishing
    - Wood structuring
  • Deburring
    - Manual deburrer
    - Deburring machines
  • Descaling
    - Wire descaling
  • Cleaning
    - Dedusting
  • Surface finishing
    - Polishing of wood and metal surfaces
    - Matting of metal surfaces

Typical deburring brushes with high quality wire for perfect deburring even with strong burrs

For structuring of WPC (wood polymere composites) Woehler brushes were successfully used.

Durable Woehler wheel brushes for continuous tube deburring

For each challenge the appropriate fill material