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Disc brushes

Disc brushes

Theses Brushes are characterised by their particularly robust design.

The cleaning performance of the brushes can be individually adjusted using different wire qualities.
By using abrasive plastic bristles, these brushes often represent an alternative to punched brushes.

disc brush type 16 Wöhler-TB


We manufacture disc brushes according to the basic principle spiral winding of a double band strip brush

The deburring head EGK with 16 or 24 so-called segment brushes represents a special form of disc brush.

deburring head EGK Woehler

16-port deburring head for saw-cut deburring

Segment brushes Woehler-TB

segment brushes with different types of fillings


Often used for descaling wires or round rods.

Wöhler manufactures brushes according to your requirements.
Talk to us about your application – we will find the right brush together.

wire descaling Woehler-TB
deburring head woehler

descaling of wire with disc brushes

deburring head EGK at a deburring maschine