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StriP brushes

Strip brushes

As straight strips or wound into roller brushes, these brushes are often the basic element of various brush shapes

Strip brushes Woehler TB

Strip brushes are produced endlessly by filling and retaining the required material in the preformed channel profile.

We supply strip brushes with either frictional or form-locking connection of fill material and channel profile.

types of strip brushes Woehler


Our strip brushes are produced to the following basic principles:

  • Single band brush
    U-profile with inserted retaining wire for holding the fill

  • Double band brush
    Toothed outer band with inserted inner band for retaining the fill
strip brush production Woehler TB

Single band brush production

U-profile with inserted retaining wire for fixing the fill material. Single band strip brushes are used more for sealing moving parts.

double band strip brush Woehler

Double band brush production

Wherever increased demand is placed on the mechanical strength of the fill materials the double band strip construction with its form-locking inner band can be of advantage.


Strip brushes can often be found in sealing applications.

Spiral brushes Woehler-TB
spiral brushes Woehler-TB

Heat seals in continuous ovens

Heat resistant materials separate hot from cold

Antistatic seals

The use of special fill materials eliminates the risk of static charge

Curtain brushes

For sealing in blasting systems

Cleaning- and stripping brushes

High density brushes won`t let dirt pass

Cable bushings

For flexible sealing of moving cables


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