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Twist Knot brushes

Twist knot brushes

The twisted wires have a great strength and the knotted form lends the brush particularly aggressive properties coupled with a long service life.

twist knot segment Woehler-TB
Cutback twist knot brush Woehler


We produce twist knot brushes as single segments or multiple segments assembled together as high density twist knot Wheel brushes

The following wire grades are available as fill:

twist knot wheel brush Wöhler TB

twist knot brush to WPC-surface manufacturing 

twist knot roll brush Woehler TB

A structuring brush for the wood Industry

The twist knot form can be selected according to the respective application together with the wire diameter and number of segments:

twist knot wheel brush Wöhler TB

profiled twist knot round brushes for pipe descaling

Pipeline brush Wöhler TB

twist knot disc for pipeline pipe processing


Based on their properties twist knot brushes are generally used for rough cleaning work.

twist knot wheel brush Wöhler TB
Twist knot segment stringer Bead Woehler

Pipeline construction

Road construction


Concrete industry

Wire industry