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Non-Woven roll Application

Wöhler non-woven fm® rolls

Our non-woven rolls are produced with our special FM® non-woven material.

The non-woven rolls stand out for their excellent wringing properties and friction coefficients, even on wet and oily surfaces, for:

  • squeezing off oil and emulsions

Our FM®-rolls ensure minimal residual oil levels on strip surfaces in all kinds of cold rolling mills. This allows you to run your duo, four-high, Z-high or 20 roll stand at top speed for highest productivity. Furthermore, metal chips and other particles are absorbed by the porous fibre structure of the nonwoven covering, preventing surface damage of the strip.
The high friction coefficient guarantees permanent synchronous running with the strip and the risk of aquaplaning is eliminated. FM®-rolls provide exact strip speeds as measuring rolls and draw even the oiliest of strips as infeed drivers.

  • Feeding, Bridle
  • Steering, Oiling

Our FM®-rolls are successfully operated in slitter and cutting lines as feeding, drive and bridle rolls. Slippage and strip migration are effectively prevented by the excellent friction coefficients of our FM®-rolls, allowing high strip tension to be realised in confined space!

  • Squeeze, Feeding
  • Bridle, Steering
  • Deflection

Modern high tensile materials, advanced strip specifications or increased quality demands quickly push conventional roll coatings to their limits – slipping strip in auxiliary drivers or feeding rolls, insufficient grip on stopping in S-rolls or residual rinsing water on the strip: The direct installation of our nonwoven rolls offers a quick and cost-effective process optimisation.
Our expert team is at your service in determining appropriate applications for our FM®-rolls and designing them to your requirements and specifications!

  • Feeding, Bridle
  • Steering, Oiling

Our FM®-rolls effectively wring or squeeze all kinds of fluids from your strip, such as alkaline degreasants, pickling agents, rinsing cascades, final rinses, coolants or passivating agents.
Minimal residual moisture levels and dry strip edges relieve the load on your dryer, while boosting process reliability. Together with our roll brushes you will achieve the best possible surface qualities!
Multiple service life and higher friction coefficients compared to conventional coatings make our FM®-rolls the first choice for your S-rolls. Make the change and solve your problems with slipping!

  • Drive / Bridle rolls
  • S-rolls
  • Feeding / Steering

Whether upgrading existing lines or used for the compact design of new lines – our FM®-rolls ensure that high torque is transmitted onto the strip without slippage. Plant manufacturers and steelworks worldwide rely on the consistently high friction coefficient of our FM®-rolls.
Experience outstanding durability and bring your strip on correct course under correct tension!

  • Feeding
  • Traction

FM®-traction rolls with their high friction coefficient even on wet and oily surfaces are predestined for various different kinds of transport and feeding applications.